Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Brief Moment of Relaxation

Ever met someone from the blogosphere in real life outside of a dangerous situation?

In a strange twist of fate I ended up on Omega's doorstep. Yep. That Omega. The one who writes the encyclopedia about Slender Man. Prior to what I would have thought, he does not look like a drug dealer, although when I asked him if he deals meth he began acting sketchy.

Oh well. If he wants to deal meth, that is his business.

He ended up letting me stay with him for a day, which was pretty nice, for a drug dealer. We ended up having a good-old Texas-style BBQ. You wouldn't expect it, but Omega's pretty good at cooking. Pork sandwiches, ribs, beans, and all.

...When did I say I keep kosher? Because if I did, I was totally lying. I'm a Texan, dammit.

It was really nice, taking a break from the Running and hiding and worrying about proxies like Morningstar and Ferus. It was just us, eating BBQ and playing video games and laughing like the Slender Man never existed and like we weren't doomed to die.

It was nice, taking a breather. I wish things like this happened more often.

But I'm back on the road again, trying my best to avoid proxy creeps like certain ones who follow this blog. I envy Henry.

He managed to get away.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Convictions Are More Dangerous Foes

"Why do they wear those masks? Maybe there's a part of them that remembers how they used to be, how they used to look. And they're ashamed." -Atlas, Bioshock

Masks always looked strange to me. I remember reading how Jekyll recommended that runners wear masks, how Maduin wears that weird rabbit mask... The rabbit mask reminds me of Sander Cohen.

Sometimes I wonder how we can trust these people when they hide behind masks. But then again, who else can we trust?

Human nature is a funny thing.


P.S. Dallas' heat index is terrible, about as terrible as the city. I'd avoid going there anytime soon, runners who happen to be in Texas.