Saturday, July 21, 2012

Looks like I'll be hunting the Morning Hunter

It looks like there are new players in the game since Gavrilla died.

It's been a year. I'm unsurprised.

This throws a wrench in everything, though. First all of her old friends are dead, and now there's more monsters to fight.

The first thing I need to do is get info on this Morningstar guy, though. It looks like he's lost his blogger account though and that he's a shell of what he used to be. I need to find him, though. He knew Gavrilla, and he's one of the few living people who did.

So, does anyone here know how a fourteen-year-old can get her hands on deadly weapons? The recent events in Aurora might make it a little hard.

Oops, parents are coming. I can't risk them finding out. Gotta go.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

A New Beginning?

Hi. I'm V. Gavrilla's sister.

I guess you guys know her as Dante.

She had a post about me, a long time ago. You guys were wrong. My friend really was addicted to cocaine. What kind of thirteen-year-old is addicted to cocaine?

Anyway. We recently found Gavrilla's body. Shot to the head... But it wasn't like how she said. She said she shot herself. But she couldn't have. She was shot executioner-style. The bullet entered the back of her head.

The reason I found this was because I remembered that she had a blogspot. She didn't have a smartphone so she used her laptop to post, and I saw her posting once right before I bugged her to play chess. There's a post about that, too... I remembered it. After we found her body. So I looked it up and found this.

I knew Gavrilla well enough to figure this shit out. It was a bit hard, but I managed it. I read through the posts.

Why was I such a brat the last time I saw her? I wish I could go back and change that... I should have been a better sister.

I want to interrogate everyone who had ever spoken to her, but most of them are dead. Or crazy. I want her back...

It looks like this Slender Man shit is real, judging by, well, everything... But I have to avenge my sister. I can't let what happened to her go unpunished. I have to bring the Slender Man down.