Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Now what we have here is a failure to communicate."

Today, my sister showed up on my doorstep. I didn't tell her or my parents my new address. That was disconcerting.

My sister is thirteen. She's also full of herself. We'll call her V. Here's the conversation we had:

Dante: What are you doing here?

V: I wanted to visit my sister. What's so bad about that?

Dante: How did you find this place, anyway? I'm not listed in the phone book...

V: It's called the internet, oh-brilliant-one. There are websites that list an awful lot of information about people.

Dante: And those sites also require credit cards, if I recall correctly.

V (shrugs): I stole Dad's.

That is my little sister. Isn't she such a nice soul?

So, I rolled my eyes and invited her in, and asked her why she'd showed up here. Turns out she was worried about one of her friends who had been acting strange lately. She suspected drug use and after hearing the description, I agreed. It sounded a lot like cocaine abuse from what I remember from all those "DRUGS ARE REALLY BAD" health classes, with some other stuff as well. This, children, is why I stuck to weed.

My sister is a decent person, as you can see, when she isn't being a self-centered brat.

I'm a bit worried, though, about the family communication that happened today. I haven't seen the Slender Man since I arrived here, so maybe that's a good sign? Still, though, I don't want my sister to become infected because of me... Hell, I don't want her to become infected at all.



  1. You currently have a place of respite, but all things are eventually sacrificed for others. Would you abandon it if it meant your sister's safety? As for her friend, never deal in uncertainties.

  2. Of course I would. It's my sister.

    As for her friend, yeah, but it didn't sound like the Slender Man, at least not from what she told me. There was paranoia, but no crazy drawings or any mention of a man without a face.

  3. Everyone's symptoms are different.

    If you truly love someone, it is best to keep them at a distance. All respites are disturbingly brief; eventually, all things return to haunt you.

  4. You're right. Maybe I just don't want it to be true...

    You think I don't know that? I know he'll come back, and I didn't ask my sister to come over here. Gah... I hope she'll be okay...

  5. Theres a chance she will be fine and a chanc she won't but shes no less safe there than anywhere else.


  6. . . You mean it wasn't obvious?