Monday, May 9, 2011

Call me Ishmael

I really should give you all an introduction and an explanation. Isn't that how all the slenderblogs go? Some first message, and then an introduction some amount of time later.

Oh dear. I'm falling into a cliche, aren't I. I'll have to break that soon.

In any case: For obvious reasons, I won't be telling you my name. Just call me Dante. The Divine Comedy was a good fanfic, after all. I'm a grad student at some northern California university, and I study some kind of physics. That's all the personal information you need to know.

I found Marble Hornets about three weeks ago and about a week ago, I met him. I was stupidly running through the woods, my morning run (what the hell was I thinking) and there was fog, fog everywhere and had I actually thought about it then I would have wondered what fog was doing there in May but of course hindsight is 20/20.

I hadn't run that fast until that day.

Ever since then, things have been getting weird. Sometimes I see him, other times I think I see him but I don't know if I do maybe it's just a trick of the light? I'm scared. Really scared. I thought of using the Operator symbol to make him go away but I know that it could very well just call him to me and I really really don't want that. I did, however, begin making an hourly journal, like the one Jekyll had. I know Jekyll went crazy and died but at least it gave him a rough estimate of when he wasn't himself.

So, here's a toast to survival, even though none of us will survive.


P.S. It appears I'm being followed by a certain... Executor. Hey man, did you know that it should be Executioner? Why do proxies have such a bad grasp on the English language? It's pathetic, really.


  1. UnfortuNAtely, youare wrong. ExeCutor is a real word, just an enTirEly diffERent from "exEcuTIoner".

    Also, welcOMe tothe loSiNg team.

  2. "ex·ec·u·tor   
    [ig-zek-yuh-ter or, for 1, ek-si-kyoo-ter]
    a person who executes, carries out, or performs some duty, job, assignment, artistic work, etc.
    Law . a person named in a decedent's will to carry out the provisions of that will."

    ...That's the last time I make fun of someone for having bad English before checking

    And thanks. I'd rather not be here, but what can you do?

  3. Welcome to the war Dante.
    It's good to see another who knows we are doomed.
    - Indrid

  4. Don't beat yourself up about the trees. Hell, first thing when I did when I heard about him was try to disprove the thing as a hoax. Well here I am, commenting on a fellow slenderblogger's page.

  5. Haha, thanks.

    Yeah, I remember reading that. Well, I think a great deal of slenderbloggers (myself included) have done stupid things, so at least you're not alone?