Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tragedy tomorrow; comedy tonight!

Because it's not a slenderblog until I reference Broadway.

If by comedy one means it in the same way Franz Kafka meant it, then yes. Last night was definitely a comedy. You see, I walked into my friend's house and he had turned into a giant bug.

...No, I'm kidding. I wish that had happened. See, now I'm acting just like everyone else. Joking, trying tryin trying to get my mind off of this. Fuck. Fuck fuckf uck my life

I might as well give you guys the real story...

So I go over there, like the victim of a horror film (because that's what this is of course, a fucking snuff film and you're all only reading for your twisted entertainment) who is about to get brutally raped and killed by the scary guy with a chainsaw. that obviously didn't happen, as I am typing this up instead of the messenger guy.

He greets me. Amiable. Sane. Did you know batshit people are good actors when they want to be? Except there's always something off and there was this time for sure. Of course like the fucking genius I am I figure it's because he's a fucking Slender Man victim so of course he isn't gonna be all there. We sit down on the couch by a window (what the hell was I thinking) and I ask him what's up and I spy with my little eye an operator symbol hastily drawn on a piece of paper.

The situation is getting creepier and creepier by the second, and my friend begins coughing. I wanted to disappear right then and I wished I'd never ever gone... Fuck, why am I even writing this down? Maybe it's because they say it's better to just get it alll out... I don't even fucking know any more.

He looked behind me at something (outside the window, I imagine) for a second and I didn't fucking dare turn around because fuck if I'm gonna play Slender Man's little game, then grabs a fucking knife from behind a pillow and pounces on me like he's Zero and trying to get my bones to give to some bleeding tree or something and I dont even know...

Well that working out I've been doing paid off along with those akido classes I took as an undergrad student and I managed to get the knife away from him. I pushed him the fuck off of me and of course he tried to attack me again so I pushed him again one more time and tried to get the fuck out of there.

as I did I heard him say:

"You bitch! It's your fault everyone is dead!"

and he's right. it is my fault. It's my fucking fault that everyone is dead. I just killed my friends without even realizing it. Fuck. fuck fuck fuck. dammit. i should just go kill myself. maurice mentioned it one of my older posts and what the hell why not. I'm just a danger staying alive and everyone who is close to be could die ebcause of me...


  1. The Mad Ventriloquist is not reading this for his entertainment. The Mad Ventriloquist is here to help. Dante is not the only one who has put people in danger. Who has gotten people killed. The Mad Ventriloquist understands. He wnats Dante to know that the only thing to do is to move forward, stay sane, and speak. Never stop speaking.

    The Mad Ventriloquist has actually seen someone turn into a bug once.Then again, that was the night he tried absinthe.

  2. Dante, Dante, Dante.

    Don't kill yourself.

    Not now. Not now that you have had people die.

    You have to live for those people, understand?

  3. Maurice is right. Killing yourself only lets the Thief win.

    I understand, Dante, how it is. I've seen someone killed in front of me, someone very close to me, at that fucker's hands. Because I got her involved. Because I was selfish.

    And as much as it hurt then and still hurts now, I have to keep living. I have to live so that I might redeem myself for that error and show that I am worthy of the life I still have left. And so you too must keep struggling on, escaping the Hunter as best you can.

    Perhaps neither of us will be redeemed in the end, but if we simply give up then what good were we ever?