Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Ah hell, I'm retyping this to the best of my ability. Blogger hasn't put it back up yet as of 5/26/2011, so to hell with it.

"No, I haven't gone crazy, not yet. It's a bible quote, Exodus (3:14).

Today, children, we're going to talk about why you shouldn't call the Slender Man "he that is"!

So, if you've ever argued theology with a Jew, then you know that Jews don't really tend to say the word "G-d". It's usually HaShem or in prayer, Adonai. This is because orthodox Jew follow the ten commandments to the letter. The first commandment is "do not take the lord's name in vain", so they don't tend to use his name in everyday conversation.

The most "srs bznz" name for G-d in the bible is YHVH (יהוה), aka the tetragrammation. Ah, them Hebrews and their hate of vowels. Anyway, you do not say the tetragrammation out loud. This is serious business, folks. Of course, plenty of gentiles do, but they're not bound by the rules of the Old Testament anyway. The pronunciations of YHVH? Jehova and Yahweh are the most common ones I know of.

So, now for the meaning of YHVH. YHVH is considered by most people to be based off of the verb "to be", with the Y in front making it masculine (so, sorry theorists, Abrahamic G-d ain't a woman). So basically? The translation is "he that is".


tl;dr: Proxies are calling the Slender Man the Abrahamic G-d when they call him "he that is". Don't call the Slender Man "he that is" unless you worship him like a god. In which case, you belong in a room with padded walls.


P.S. I've noticed that some people around me are acting weird...People who would have read my blog. Am I a murder? I didn't mean to do anything to hurt them oh god how many people have I killed...?"

And there you have it, folks. My YHVH rant. I realized this later on, but you'll also note that proxies tend to capitalize the h in "him" when talking about the Slender Man. Like how people do that for HaShem. Coincidence? Doubtful.


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