Monday, July 4, 2011

Courted by Death

In case you're not following Operation Wintergreen (and if you're not, why aren't you?), I should tell you all I've joined up with those guys in some kamikaze mission to kill the Slender Man. So I'm here now at Hotel California. It's kinda creepy, really. As for why I teamed up with them... I dunno. I'm gonna die soon anyway, right? So I might as well try to do something to try to save other people. If I'm gonna go down, then I'll go down fighting.

Also, the reports are true: Arkady looks like an addict. He's not following this blog, though, so he'll probably never find out I said this. I'm pretty sure we're all going to die anyway. Like, 99% sure.

After all, people who go up against the Slender Man don't live to tell the tale.

As for everyone else, they're pretty much how I expected them to be, although Zabulon has a broken rib. That's right. A broken rib. I'm giving him props for coming here, though, especially with an injury like that. Seriously man, if you survive this mess and happen to read this, know that you did something really badass.

I know I said I was trying to avoid slenderblogs, but hell. I'm going to die anyway. I know I keep saying that, but I feel like I haven't fully accepted it... Anyway, I might as well do something great in this time I have left, or die trying.


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