Thursday, July 28, 2011

Halfway There

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got a virus on my computer, which deleted system32. Yep. So I had to go and fix that by myself because I've been paranoid of leaving my room ever since Morningstar came here...

I can see how a virus could get past my antivirus because that happens quite frequently, but I do regular Process Explorer checks to see if there's anything sketchy on my computer. Hmm... I don't like it, anyway. It doesn't mean that Murphy and Morgan are behind it, but random virus attacks in the middle of a slenderstalking are weird.

Anyway, I've mostly been holed up in here, trying to avoid the outside world. I wonder if I'm going crazy.

...shit. The power just went out. If I don't respond within a week, well.



  1. Dante, I hate to be short with you, but you are not only walking into a deathtrap, but skipping merrily around it in preparation. If you're afraid you'll be found, move before they find you.

    We all have to, eventually.

  2. Being holed up in one place isn't all bad. The Mad Ventriloquist has done it for six years. It saves on gas money.

    He hopes that things go well for Dante. Keeping something easily swingable in reach is always a good idea. The Mad Ventriloquist wishes her luck.

  3. Do you hear the footsteps, Dante?
    It's me.
    I'm coming for you.